Coming from and living in rural Oxfordshire, I have always had a passion for country life, the outdoors, the elements, enjoying the seasons and being at one with nature. I’m always chasing the light, looking around the corner and dreaming of the next adventure.

I can often be found with friends on the mountain bike, winter walking in the mountains or with my family, riding and exploring the local bridleways.

Ultimately it matters not where we are, but being outside, maximising the conditions, enjoying the moments and creating lasting memories with the ones we love.


Mark Walker Wedding Photographer

This is me, this is what I love to do, capturing time, freezing moments forever.


Whilst I have not always been a wedding photographer, I’ve owned many iterations of cameras, I can’t exactly recall when I first used a camera, but it would have been back during my school days. However, regardless of the medium, I have always had an artistic side, a real passion for photography and capturing moments.

I take great satisfaction in delivering images to my clients, the emotions, the memories, it provides such a positive feeling within. It’s one of the main reasons why I chose to be a wedding photographer, it’s the essence of photography, document, capture the special, subtle, and unique moments that are gone in the instant but cherished forever.

Family Adventures

Creating everlasting Memories

The Fresh Air, The Great Outdoors

Live your life!

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