Chenies Manor Wedding Photography


~ Nestled amidst the picturesque Buckinghamshire countryside ~

A Chenies Manor Wedding

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In the heart of the Buckinghamshire countryside, Chenies Manor stands as a testament to the enduring charm and historical significance of English Manor Houses. Steeped in centuries of rich history, this hidden gem invites couples and guests to step back in time and experience the timeless elegance that defines its architecture, gardens, and stories. Within the Estate and 2 minutes walk from Chenies Manor, St. Michael’s Church is also a popular choice for couples seeking a historic and picturesque setting for their wedding ceremonies. Many couples who choose Chenies Manor as their wedding venue often opt to have their ceremony at St. Michael’s Church, taking advantage of its medieval charm and romantic ambience.

Chenies Manor offers couples the opportunity to exchange vows in a venue steeped in history and surrounded by stunning gardens. The Tudor-style architecture, with its half-timbered façade and charming interiors, adds a touch of elegance to wedding celebrations. One of the highlights of choosing Chenies Manor as a wedding venue is the access to its gardens. The carefully manicured lawns, vibrant flowerbeds, and historic features create a romantic backdrop for wedding ceremonies and photographs. The gardens provide a beautiful setting for outdoor ceremonies or a tranquil space for guests to explore during the celebrations.