Shustoke Barn Wedding

Dec 10, 2021

~ A Winter Wonderland Wedding ~

Shustoke Barn Wedding

A wonderful venue, the Shustoke Barn is an 18th-century red-bricked rustic barn, situated between Coleshill and Shustoke in the county of Warwickshire. It’s an intimate venue with the main hall being the centre of attention. Filled with character, the hall has a grand elevated oak ceiling, huge oak beams, and beautifully crafted windows. Be that the large gothic-styled glass and oak doors that open out into the courtyard or the clever diamond patchwork of windows creating a warm glowing ambient light. Once stepping out into the Courtyard, you are presented with some amazingly old olive trees, firepits to snuggle around and if lucky, the roar of a huge BBQ for open flamed gastronomic delights.

This Friday’s wedding of E & J was a real treat, very relaxed, and great fun to be around. Almost a white wedding with snow only a day or so before… So close but so far!

Why Shustoke Barn you may be asking? Well, the barn was the chosen destination for the couple based on a previous ‘Feast’ evening, where amongst friends E & J tasted the popular delights from the kitchen. Impressed with the quality, and loving the surroundings they were hooked. I must admit whilst capturing images in the courtyard the aromas coming from the kitchen were delightful!

The Shustoke Barning Dinning Tables

This final image of E & J really sums up my day with them both. So relaxed, plenty of fun and laughter, so much positivity, in fact, everyone was a pleasure to be around, they have an amazing bunch of family & friends,

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